Kegger Back packing is not for everyone...

Bringing a keg in 1 or 2 or 4 miles is no easy task. Have you ever tried to carry a full keg, especially Cross Country? Bushwhacking or on a mountain trail? Have you every lifted a full 15 gallon keg? if you are reading this you probably have. You know that a regular 15.5 gallon "half barrel" [i.e. a full keg] weighs 130lbs. for the beer plus 30lbs for the empty container, totals 160lbs!

There are only three ways to move a full keg.

  • - Truck or car (or helicopter)
  • - Use a hand truck
  • - Use a "KEGGER BACKPACK" Stretcher or gurney

    Where all the pigs have tails
    One of life's great pleasures can be drinking beer deep in the woods. Or high up on a mountain peak. Travel beyond roads. Travel beyond sidewalks, parking lots, beyond telephone poles, beyond concrete or street signs, stores or fast food stands.
    A party of 5, or 50 can appreciate a private spot.

    This Motha's heavy!

    It's tough. And when you are traveling cross county, it's tougher. You need 4 to 6 strong men. Also it's good to have 3 or 4 relievers plus one to scout the trail. Kegger backpacks are not for every one. This ain't the white wine crowd. You have to be determined. Otherwise just pack in a few six packs and have fun.
    After thirty years of trial and error Kegger has developed several models that may meet your needs.

    This tradition started in Northern California over 30 years ago. 30 to 60 people would hike in for a long weekend in early summer. A big trip has 4 kegs plus a pony keg. Some years just 10 or 15 people would attend. Ice is also carried in and used to pack around the keg for the few hours during it's draining. Then hike out 4 miles back to the trailhead for another keg. And on and on, into the night.

    One hell of a nice

    Custom steel carries start at $325.00 plus shipping.
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